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Meet Zac

Zac’s passion for networking and making new connections with people is what led him to where he is today with a career in real estate. After traveling the United States and living in multiple different cities, Zac has chosen to settle down in his hometown in Birmingham, Michigan.
Zac has worked in the hospitality industry for 12 years prior to his transition into real estate. Throughout the past 7 years, Zac has lived and worked in Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles, building relationships, making new connections and growing his passion for helping others. These experiences have led Zac to the perfect career in real estate.
In his free time, Zac enjoys working out, playing bocce and spending time with his finance, Ashley. They often go for long drives around different neighborhoods looking at houses. If the weather is nice, you’ll find him riding his bike, going for long walks or playing tennis. Pretty much any activity you can do outside, Zac is there.
Those closest to Zac would tell you he’s extremely honest, giving, and one of the most kind people you have ever met. With his compassion and diligence, he leaves his clients feeling confident and cared for. Zac gives his all in every situation. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent your home, he will be there every step of the way.

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