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Meet Jacob

I am a REALTOR within the metro Detroit area and I pride myself on not just helping my clients buy and sell homes, but rather, being part of building connected, healthy, and sustainable communities.

I am a highly motivated and ambitious individual with numerous goals I want to achieve. From an educational perspective, I have completed a B.S. from the University of Windsor, in Honors Biological Sciences with a Thesis and a graduate certificate in clinical research from the Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences. In all my endeavors, I strive to further my knowledge and lead by example.

I transitioned from my roles in science and healthcare into real estate with the intention of moving into sustainable development. My anticipation is to build healthy, connected, and sustainable communities that altogether improve people's lives. It is my assertion that this is the answer to preventative medicine, enabling people to live healthier lives, and also lessen our collective burden on the environments in which we live.


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